Enroll in Olympia corp – Keep current edition (1) #WindowsInsiders

Find the Apply phase here.

Microsoft has a test and acceptance environment for the Windows 10 Insiders. It’s called Olympia. It’s a complete solution, with a website, Office 365, Intune et cetera.

You will find the website here: https://olympia.windows.com

In the previous blog  we applied for the Olympia corp, and now it is time to enroll in it!


So you got the message that your Olympia account and it is time to Enroll! Find the details here!

There are 2 ways to Enroll:

Choose one of the following two enrollment options:

– Keep your current Windows 10 edition

Please see Olympia Corp enrollment – keep current edition.

– Upgrade your Windows 10 edition from Pro to Enterprise

Please see Olympia Corp enrollment – upgrade to enterprise edition.

* Please note that your Windows 10 Enterprise license will not be renewed if your PC is not connected to Olympia.

The first option will keep your system almost as it is, you add an Olympia account and the policies to your system. With the second option you get an Olympia managed system, logon with your Olympia account and so on!

So what is the experience you get with Option 1 – Keep your current Windows 10 Edition?

Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Access work or school. To see this setting, you need to have administrator rights to your device (see local administrator).

2019-01-17 20_25_52

If you are already connected to a domain, click the existing account and then click Disconnect. Click Restart Later.

Click Connect and enter your Olympia corporate account (e.g., username@olympia.windows.com). Click Next.

2019-01-17 22_23_45

Enter the temporary password that was sent to you. Click Sign in. Follow the instructions to set a new password.

2019-01-17 22_24_10

And then update it!

2019-01-17 22_24_44

If you choose a to common or frequently used password, well that won’t work 😉
This is VERY good! Let’s keep it safe.

2019-01-17 22_25_15

If this is the first time you are logging in, fill in the additional information to help you retrieve your account details.

2019-01-17 22_25_48

And you need to provide the requested information. As you can see at the bottom, you have limited time for this step (15 minutes).

2019-01-17 22_26_11

Then accept the Terms.

2019-01-17 22_31_27

The device gets registered.

2019-01-17 22_31_36

And you’re all set!

2019-01-17 22_31_46


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