HOW-TO: Enroll in the Windows Insider Program!

HOW-TO: Enroll in the Windows Insider Program!

Just a short blog on how to enroll yourself in the Windows Insider Program.

At the moment there are 2 Rings in which you can enter, the Slow or Fast ring.

In the Fast ring you are at the front edge of the development of the Windows client OS. You get the new features first and can participate in discussions with the developers. In the Slow ring the new features are already tested and you can get a glimpse on what will be delivered with the new feature update on you production or home device!

Get participating because: Sharing is Caring!

The Windows Insider settings can be found in the Windows Settings. That is in the Start Menu the little ‘Wheel


Then go to ‘Update & Security



Click ‘Windows Insider Program


Of course we want to ‘Get Started



Pick an account with which you want to participate in the Windows Insider Program


I use my account 😉

And then you have to make some choices. Like I said there are a few Rings in which you can enter. But also the level of content.

Just fixes, apps and drivers

This gives you no new Windows features to test!



Then there is the ‘Active development of Windows

Here you get to test the new features of Windows.


That can be in the Fast or Slow Ring!



As said, in the Slow Ring you get a more Stable Build, in the Fast Ring more new features!

Keep in mind that this is DEVELOPMENT! So no guarantees here!!


I go for FAST!

And there is/was a third option, ‘Skip ahead to the next Windows release’.

I say WAS, because this program is closed at the moment! (So Microsoft why is the option still here??)


And some disclaimers



A restart.

And here we are!


After the restart you can monitor the download and installation status in the Windows Update tab of the Settings page!


No not yet ;-( (Click ‘Check for updates’)

Ow yeah, there it is J


PLEASE keep in mind:

REMINDER: As is normal with builds early in the development cycle, builds may contain bugs that might be painful for some. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to consider switching to the Slow ring. Slow ring builds will continue to be higher quality.

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