HOW-TO Microsoft Windows Store apps fail to update – Error 0x803FB002

Sometimes when you have a Windows Store app on Windows 10 there is an update available. So you get a nice fly-out that there is one.

And you think, ok let’s do this update!

You click ‘Okay’ to update, and then: ERROR

But why? And how to resolve this error…

First what happens:

2019-02-27 08_35_59

2019-02-27 08_35_40

2019-02-27 08_36_09

And then how to fix this.

Well because it is a Windows Store app we can go to the Store and see what is going on with the app. In this case I see an error with the Feedback Hub app. Click on the ‘See details’ to reveal what is going on!

2019-02-27 08_46_37

The Details page:

2019-02-27 08_46_19

Aha an error 0x803FB002

This usualy indicates a problem with a Store app and it needs a Reset.

After giving the app a Reset (that is the round arrow associated with the app) all is functioning again!

2019-02-27 08_47_31

Have a good one!

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