Microsoft Failover Cluster – Requested resource is in use – Disk Manager

So I made the ‘mistake’ of destroying a Microsoft Failover Cluster and thinking Windows would release my disks. Well I was wrong!

I went to Disk Manager and saw my disks as ‘Online’, ‘Primary’ and ‘RAW‘.

And off course I could not access the disks from the Explorer, giving me a nice Error.
OK to Disk Manager and wipe the disk.

No Go:

But wait, in USE??

So there must have gone something wrong.
Technet search gave me this:

There is a command for releasing the disks that need releasing after a Cluster destroy, or even an ungraceful shutdown!

Powershell and give in:

Clear-ClusterDiskReservation –Disk <DiskNumber>

A Refresh of Disk Manager showed my disk again and it became visible in Explorer, yeah!

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