Nutanix CommunityEdition (CE) 5.10

Hi, so this is a new one. And it’s different, more technical. Also very nice to do and to play around with.
I’m talking about the CommunityEdition (CE) of the Nutanix stack.

Wait the what?

Nutanix is a vendor that provides a Hyper-Converged datacenter solution. Enterprise Cloud. One OS. One Click. Any Cloud. 
Hm I think you need to know more about this!

They make IT invisible! But what does this mean? I think it means a lot.

It means I can make more time for things that are important, instead of, for instance, updating my servers.
Continuous Innovation, which means they are adding more functionality to the product. And that means I achive more with the same product! Nice 😉
Because it is a Hyper-Converged solution, it is possible to pay only for what you actually use. Well I like that idea.
And there is a thing called ‘Time to Market’, which means how fast can I get a appliction available to my users. Uh very fast, like in for instance five minutes.

When you look at the Gartner Quadrant (Jan ’18) it is clear that there is a distinct leadership.


And the beauty of this all, you can explore all of this for free. Yes for FREE.
Nutanix offers a Community Edition of there product. Just register and you are good to go.

Register (and download) here:

And then we are good to go: HOW-TO Install Nutanix CommunityEdition (CE) 5.10 on VMware ESXi 6.7

Nice intro video here:

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