PXE boost SCCM 2012 2

PXE booting during a OS Deployment with ConfigMgr 2012 can be a bit slow on a Windows 2008 R2 / 2012 server. This is because Microsoft has set values that will suite most network environments.

But I want SPEED. Now what?

Good news. You can tweak your PXE-enabled Distribution Point!

Add a registry key:


With a REG_DWORD value of MAX 4000 Hex!!

Then restart the WDS Service.

I set this value to 2000 Hex and speed is blazing fast!


Remember the higher value the more risk of packet loss if you have a bad network connection.
Try this out carefully in your network environment.
If you experience problems, lower the value.

2 thoughts on “PXE boost SCCM 2012

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  2. Reply Rene Jan 6,2015 10:50 pm

    I did add this to my homelab on esxi 5.5 my client (vm) baremetal didn’t boot removed the reg key it did boot My whole SCCM setup is on vmware esx 5.5 and using a seperate vswitch.
    But without the key it’s already pretty fast 🙂

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