Hide Management Pack (MP) from Operations Manager Console – SCOM 2012

So you got Operations Manager 2012 installed.
The console looks fine and you can select which Management Packs (MP) you want to see and which ones you don’t.

Every admin who logs in to the console will have to do this and this is fine for sealed MP’s.
But what about your own, unsealed, MP’s?

They also appear in the console and you can select them whether to display them or not. But the MP’s you will add are most of the time ‘Override’ Management Packs, containing your overrides (per Management Pack…).

Of course this is possible:

But it is also possible to hide these MP’s from everybody while keeping all the benefits from having them!

Here we go:

  • Export the Management Pack

Administration à Management Packs à
Your MP
‘Export Management Pack…’
(and Yes those 3 dots are there ;-))

This will produce a XML file with all your override parameters in it.

  • Now take a Text editor (Notepad will do, or even better Notepad++) and open up the file:

The high-lighted part will have to be removed.

  • Save the Management Pack.
  • Import the Management Pack back into SCOM 2012.

and Install the MP.

  • The unsealed Management Pack is still there:

But not here:

Or here:

  • Of course it is still usable!

Be sure to back up your Management Pack before you edit them… Just in case.

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