Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM) Activation 10

When you install Operations Manager 2012 (SP1) you may notice is that there is no request for a product key when you install Operations Manager 2012.  Once the install is complete and you open up the console the following is displayed:

When you click Help à About à will show that you are running an Evaluation copy.

The way to do it is described here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2699998, and here is the visual version.

To register your product key with Operations Manager 2012 and move from the Evaluation edition to the Retail edition you will need to launch the Operations Management Shell and run a PowerShell cmdlet.

So start up the Operations Manager Shell:

And type:

Set-SCOMLicense –ProductId {YourProductKey}

(Tip: type the first letters and then push <TAB> for PowerShell to complete the command)

On completion restart the Operations Manager 2012 server for the key to validate.

After the reboot, check back in Help à About you will see it is now a Retail version.

Strange way to activate a Microsoft product but this is how it works!

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  2. Reply VINAY KUMAR May 29,2014 11:13 am

    Hi Stephan,

    we are planning to deploy SCOM and i have gone through the licensing part. we are 6 VMware ESXi box which has 6-7 VMs on each ESXi. We planned to buy 6 datacenter licenses.
    Now the question is how to install those 6 license on VMware ESXi. Please assist with step by step.


    • Reply Stephan Wibier May 29,2014 11:17 am

      no need to install the licenses. You need to have them for they give you the right to use the product!

      kind regards,

      • Reply VINAY KUMAR May 29,2014 12:02 pm

        if this is the thing then I am not sure for the below command.

        Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId yourlicensekey

        • Reply Stephan Wibier May 29,2014 12:04 pm

          this is the command for the SCOM server itself. You enter this on the SCOM server not on some ESXi server

          • Reply VINAY KUMAR May 29,2014 12:35 pm

            i am still unclear. lets me elaborate.

            Consider i have bought 5 datacenter license and i am installing SCOM on a VM. now SCOM doesnt require any license as there is no physical CPU.
            As i have 5 VMware ESXi host which is hosting around 30+ VMs and this ESXi host has 2 physical socket. so i have to buy 5 datacenter license.
            “now the question is we just need to keep the 5 datacenter license with us and it doesnt required to be licensed on the SCOM.” is this the whole thing. or the 5 datacenter licenses need to be licensed on the SCOM server. want to clear this confusing part.

          • Reply Stephan Wibier May 29,2014 1:06 pm

            yes, just keep the licenses (as proof you bought them and got the right to use the product) and install 1 on the SCOM server. (You can only install 1 license on the SCOM environment).


  3. Reply VINAY KUMAR May 29,2014 1:11 pm

    ok got it. thanks Stephan

  4. Reply Wyatt Wong Apr 23,2015 11:35 am

    Since we only need to buy System Center 2012 Datacenter or Standard license but no license required for SCOM 2012 server, where can I obtain the product key to convert the SCOM 2012 Management Server from Eval to Retail version ?

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